Todd's Favorite Things

Raising the Bar

February 19, 2016

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to try a new bar. And not just for the beverage. But for the styling. I loved this beautifully staged bar in NYC at the Park Hyatt hotel. It was so beautifully styled and not a thing out of place!

Loved how the bitters and tinctures in perfect rows ready for use and the top of the table with champagne trough. (Coming soon to a Todd party near you!)


Todd Fiscus

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Todd's Favorite Things

Haute Honeymoon

January 29, 2016

Or better yet, get married here. I had the pleasure of staying at the Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach Puerto Rico and WOW! What a place.

The Rockefellers had a home here and it truly is a divine place on our earth. It’s also of course a part of the US… So passports and the challenge of international travel and concerns are a bit easier to manage.

My favorite part of this incredible hotel has to be the spa, really amazing design of the space. At night these tiny dime sized frogs buried in the foliage sing at night. Like tiny chirping birds. Really enchanting.

So check it out. Either for wedding or an awesome honeymoon spot.


Todd Fiscus

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Exit, Stop, Next Level

January 22, 2016

These three words can mean so much right?

As most creative people experience on a regular basis, this strange desire to do all three of these things… sometimes at the same time! It can be exhausting. Many a day, When I feel overwhelmed, I whine and say, “That’s it. I quit!” I can’t. I don’t want to. (I can be a bit of a baby sometimes :))

So when Sam came across the sign and sent me this picture… I thought wowza. A creative life on a directional sign.

Exit. We think to ourselves, retract yourself from the business of being creative, and do something else. Something that is less taxing, less challenging. Recognizing the difficulty of trying to constantly “one up” yourself. Not only for the client who deserves that but also for yourself.
To be better than the last party.
To be better than the last idea.
Just to be more.
Many times, exit feels like the way to go. “I’m tired!”, you say. “Not sure if I can do this anymore”, we whine. Or generally just feel unworthy of it all (words spoken often by die hard people-pleasers!)
But it’s not an option…
Keep reading.

Stop. What the hell does stop mean? Just stop? Stand still? Embrace the idea that you have today? Enjoy the moment or just do what you have done before?
Stop pushing yourself to do something more. Do the same thing, use that same chair, that same vase. Blech!
How many of us that are creative hate the idea of doing the Same….
I mean just giving up and taking an order from a client. No way! Can’t do it.
It’s pretty right? We did a great job.
We provide a product. So if that’s what someone wants we should sell it right? And it IS Pretty and the party looks great… you’ve done your job right? The linen is lovely, the centerpiece fresh, the candles glowing. All the needs have been addressed and you love all of the details… The escort card. The invite. The favor…. But it doesn’t feel new, and as a designer you feel like you’re just doing what you have seen.

But stopping is not an option. Doing what you have done before and repeated a dozen times does not sustain a creative soul. Stopping and being stagnate is a little bit of creative death in a way. None of us who love the work in parties and events wants to stop.
We want to grow and create and develop and impress our client.
It’s not an option.
So keep reading.

Next level…
Ah. This is something we creative party people can get our head around right?
What’s next. “Taking it to the next level”, as they say. Changing the game. So many tag lines to choose from here guys…
So what to do? I challenge those of us in the biz of events and the thousands of people who see this to keep pushing, be better, do more and actually change the game.
Experiment, attempt an idea that you cannot find a picture of! How freeing that would be!

Because exiting or stopping are not options when you love doing events and weddings. When you love meeting these wonderful people and seeing them happy.
And especially when you love what you do and you’re good at it!
So push everybody. It’s time to get to the next level. I believe in you and me.
We can do it.


Todd Fiscus

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Behind the Scenes

Bridal WOW

January 14, 2016

Tuesday was such fun. Having the team install a spectacular installation for a bridal portrait session. Madison in her gown was a wowza moment. And in this setting! The incredible White Sparrow Barn was beautiful for this shoot!

Todd Fiscus

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Do Less

January 4, 2016

I am making some changes in my business this year. And I know I will probably catch a lot of gossip “heat” for it.

As a business owner and creative person, creatively you need change. To be inspired. To be challenged. But in business we are taught to stay the course, forge ahead, making tweaks as we go. Well… I am tweaking mine pretty hard this year.

I am choosing to do less.
At the same time, choosing to do more.

I am choosing to do less of the work that just generates revenue and more of the business that creates joy in creating.
I am choosing to work on events that really push me to create new thought. New flow. New tricks for old dogs, as they say.
I am choosing to not work as much as last year. And to take some time off this year to enjoy life as it should be.

As we all begin our journey into 2016, I encourage each of you to do some choosing of your own. Choose what makes you happy and maintains your course. Those choices will not always be easy. But at least they are yours to make.

Happy choosing!


Todd Fiscus

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Spring Has Sprung

December 30, 2015

What a year 2015 has been. Whew. A lot of change and so many beautiful parties along the way.

I find this to be that two weeks of the year that we regroup, rest and celebrate that we made it through the year! But that’s about all we get – then we’re off to the races!

What does 2016 hold for us?

Some gorgeous ones! The Pantone colors of the year were already in play for next year. And we have several beauties that fall into that lovely palate. A rose gold and white stunner in a white tent that is going to be amazing, and an all white WOW wedding in June that is going to take my breath away!

What wows me? The clients I have that take risk. Try new things, and don’t just copy what they have seen. It’s so refreshing to have a client that allows me to be creative and to use space as the blank canvas for design.

So as we move into 2016, I encourage everybody in the creative world of design and floral to dig deep. Create new concepts that can become trends. Be inspiring with your design. And enjoy the beautiful spring season ahead.

My best.

Todd Fiscus

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Todd's Favorite Things

Orchids & Mistletoe

December 3, 2015

Hi all. In the mood for some holiday cheer?

Swing by our store Avant Garden in Highland Park Village by the fountain and check out the new Orchid Bar.

On the weekend of December 11, 12 & 13 we will be hosting Stella Wrubel as she goes for a record breaking fundraising year selling mistletoe. Last year, she and her buddy sold 18k for the North Texas Food Bank!!! So cool… These kids! Come by and buy!

Todd Fiscus

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Todd Tracker

#TBT – TWO x TWO 2015

October 29, 2015

Looking back one week to the amazing series of events for TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art. We started off with the auction’s kickoff party First Look and a fun theme of “Calling All Curious”. We had a ton of rain last week, so we had to put up a tent but that wasn’t enough to keep us down or cause a great crowd from enjoying the night. The food was tasty from Lombardi Family Concepts, the drinks were divine from Belvedere vodka, our good pal DJ Lucy Wrubel rocked the music and the evening was presented by Fossil watches. Going along with the costumed theme was Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, who came dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy, and co-chairman Elaine Agather, who helmed the event with her daughter, Bradley Agather Means. Elaine as style icon Iris Apfel and Bradley as a pineapple.

With Saturday came the Gala Auction and glam quotient was kicked up accordingly. You can’t go wrong when you start your night with a glass of Dom Perignon! That was followed by an amazing multi-course dinner by Cassandra Fine Catering and a performance by Robin Thicke. And then it was time to raise some money and boy did they ever. A stunning $8.6 million was raised that night, bringing their 17 year tally to more than $60 million for amfAR, the foundation for AIDS research and the Dallas Museum of Art.

And last but certainly not least, this year was extra-special and personal for us because Todd was honored as well. It was announced that Todd has donated $1 million of in-kind services to Two x Two over the years and he received a timepiece from sponsor Harry Winston for his contributions in raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. Todd said it best about his big night, “Shocked and awed. Couldn’t be more proud of our support and our teams hard work for such a worthy cause!”

[ All photos by Roderick Pena ]

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Behind the Scenes

Sweet Words

October 21, 2015

We always love getting great feedback from our wonderful clients!


Randi McBroom

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Haute Quotes

No. 42

October 19, 2015


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